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jSTM: JavaScript Software Transactional Memory System [abstract] (PDF)
Kyoungju Sim
Master's Thesis, Department of Creative IT Engineering, Pohang University of Science and Technology, February 2015.

This thesis proposes a JavaScript software transactional memory (jSTM) system only using features of HTML5. As web applications become widely used because of high portability, web applications become more complicated. To increase the processing speed of these applications, HTML5 supports web workers for JavaScript parallelization. However, the web worker is not perfectly suitable for parallelization because web workers do access the same memory address. In this reason, several JavaScript parallelization systems introduce transactional memory systems, but these systems need to install additional components. In contrast, with the jSTM, programmers can parallelize web applications easier than lockbased systems without installing additional components. This thesis implemented the prototype of jSTM system, and analyzed the overhead to improve the system.